Instant Ice

You will need:
-Bottles of purified water
*Place a couple of extra bottles in the freezer, incase they ice over*.
Here’s how you do it:
-Place your bottles in the freezer for about 2 hours (timing is critical, so make sure to keep an eye on it).
-Remove the water bottles from the fridge ensuring that they are still in a liquid state.
-Place ice in your bowl and GENTLY open the bottle of water and SLOWLY pour the water on top of the ice. Watch the magic!!
Water freezes at 32 degrees F, right? Yes and no, When water freezes, it needs a nucleus in order for the solid crystals to form and start to become ice. Water is normally full of particles and impurities which have no problem kicking off the crystallization process. However, purified water by definition doesn’t have those impurities. With nothing for the water molecules to latch onto, purified water can be supercooled as far as -40°F! Who knew?!
"Pouring the water onto a bowl of ice cubes forms a slushy ice. As the supercooled water hits the ice cube nuclei in the bowl, the crystallization spreads up the stream of the water as it gets poured onto the pile. The latent heat that is released during the freezing process stops it from freezing solid.
I was so fascinated with this project, that I wanted to know more about it! So upon searching the internet, I came across an article that explains the science behind this awesome project! For a detailed explanation of this experiment, visit this link:

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