DIY Resin Legos

Here are the step by step directions for making these super cool resin legos! They are super fun to make, exremely hypnotizing to look at and are fairly easy to make. 

-Start by getting some Epoxy resin (ours is from Art Resin) and mix according to the directions on the package.

-Then get your silicon mold and pour the resin into each cavity of the mold.

-Use a torch and burn out the air bubbles from the resin (don't over torch, it will ruin the resin)

-Take your alcohol inks (we used Piñata brand inks) and drip one drop of color into the resin, immediately following with a drop of white on-top of the colored drop. Do the same thing for all the colors.

-Watch as the colors mis and swirl, but DO NOT try to move or take the LEGOS  out of the mold for at least 24 hours.

-After 24 hours have passed ( I know it's so hard to wait) peel them from the mold and voila you have super cool LEGOS! 

*Our LEGOS are on a light table to explore the colors and patterns inside of each one, but they are stackable for play (to make them interlock: I have seem some people drill tiny holes in the bottom or use another resin mold to press in the dots white the resin is still semi- soft.*

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