Ispy Coaster

Ispy Coaster

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🥳How fun are these I-Spy Coasters?! They're such a blast to use with guests or as a learning tool with little ones🧐!

😆I give my adult guests 15 seconds to find an object in the coaster, if they can't find it when time is up, they have to chug whatever is in their glass 😆🥂💯!

 🎉With my kids, they're great conversation starters at dinner time and double as a fun speech tool to practice letter and object recognition💯🌈💪.

 💪We've also used them as story starters.. I start a story by identifying an object in the block, then I BEGIN to tell a story and have my little one FINISH the story using an additional item from the block. For example: if the object was a fish I would say : "one day there was a tiny fish".. then I would find another object in the coaster and have the kids finish the sentence🤗💓.