3D Multifunctional ISPY Table

3D Multifunctional ISPY Table

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This table puts a fun twist on the traditional ISPY game and can be used for educational and entertainment purposes. Not only is this a table, but it can also detach from the base to be used as a tray. Our ISPY pieces are used by educators around the world as a fun alternative to traditional learning methods. This piece was handcrafted and designed by Happi Crafts to ignite, excite and encourage children (and adults) to engage in meaningful, educational moments, while creating lasting memories.

*Each table comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses

* Table dimensions are : 17.5" x 20 5/8" 



This table is an incredible learning tool for language, speech, memory and emotional development.

- Put on the 3D glasses and look at the ISPY. Find an object and then have another person try to find the item.

- EX: - Something that flies

- Objects that starts with the letter “S”

- Identify an object that evokes happiness.

- How many animals can you count?

- What objects pop out most when you put the 3D glasses on?

- Identify 3 letter words

- Turn off the lights and find the glow in the dark items!



‘I spy’ is a turn-taking game, so it helps to develop your child’s social skills. When your child waits for their turn, they're learning how to play and cooperate with others.

‘I spy’ is also great for building your child’s vocabulary and understanding of language. That’s because your child has to think of the names of objects and the letters they begin with, if they can.