An I-Spy Keychain


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🔎I-Spy Keychains🎒! OMG I can't tell you how many times these keychains have saved my a*s while in public with my rowdy kids🙌🙈 !

 These are AMAZING to have on your keychain OR to put on your kids backpacks ( to distract then during car pickup)🎒🙌. ⭐⭐Not only is it a fun game for the kids, but they are actually learning while they're playing with it !! ⭐⭐

🌈You can ask them to find specific objects, colors or even specific words that start with a letter that you call out. 👉 Ask them things like " Can you find something that swims?", " Can you find something that starts with the letter G? ", Etc. If you really want to take it a step further, you can have them describe an object and then you have to guess (kinda like Pictionary).