Rainbow Sprinkle Spoons


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Summer is here and so are our NEW Summer Sprinkle Spoons! These are totally at the tippy-top of my MOST FAVORITE creations yet! They're so fun and SUPER bright, making them PERFECT for  play time and more! You can even use 1 spoon for each day of the week!

Use your spoons to enjoy some of your favorite summer treats OR use them in your playtime routines! I have had SO many people tell me they use my spoons to get their kiddos excited to try new things or to get them interested in practicing fine motor skills by using the spoons to pick up/ scoop different items. I personally used these rainbow spoons to have my 2 year old scoop up red items with the red spoon, orange items with the orange spoon, etc. 

**REMEMBER: ALL SPOONS ARE FOOD SAFE, WATER PROOF, HEAT AND ALCOHOL RESISTANT. DO NOT PUT IN THE DISHWASHER!** See Pro Marine supplies website for more information on the food grade resin used💖.