A Super Cute Travel Kit


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✈️TRAVEL KITS/BUSY BOXES including mini I-SPY blocks🔎,mini sprinkle play utensils 🥄🔪and color changing glitter numbers🌌AVAILABLE NOW🎉!
👉If you need something to entertain your littles - look no further! I packed these SUPER cute re-usable boxes full of 18 ultra fun activities-that aren't messy and are ultra easy to clean up! (Boy🕺/Girl 💃 options available).
Here's what's inside:
🥄A mini sprinkle utensil for the playdough.
🔎A mini iSpy block with a magnifying glass.
🌌 A set of color changing numbers.
📝Re-usable Magic paper and a writing utensil.
🎳 A miniature bowling kit.
🦄 A set of stickers.
🌈 A set of rainbow wiki wax sticks.
🐒 Monkeys in a barrel.
🐸 The hoppin frog game.
🖍️A tie-dye gummy bear/ ice cream crayon with a coloring sheet🗒️.
✍️ A dry erase marker and a sheet of dry erase paper.
😀 A temporary tattoo.
🚧 A few of Legos -for the Lego strip on top of the box.
📿🦒A make your own Safari animal bracelet kit.
🍬 A candy bracelet.
💖 Sparkley snickerdoodle sprinkle Play-Doh (sprinkles are fake so they won't get yucky👍).
💦🔵Rainbow water beads.
👂💎1 pair of stock on earrings (only in the girl box)
💅 A mini nail polish.
✔️ and an antibacterial wipe to clean up after!

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